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Inland Empire Truss, Inc

Why use wooden roof trusses?

1. Time saving:

  • Speed up site erection time.
  • Overcome delays due to weather. Get the under cover quickly.
  • No delays due to lack of materials. Entire roof structure is delivered at once. No reject pieces or culls.
  • Perfect fitting trusses are quickly positioned.
  • Save time in estimating materials required for the job.
  • Make construction scheduling easier.
  • We return bids faster then anyone else.

2. Money savings:

  • Exact building costs are known. No guesswork or estimates.
  • Eliminate errors and waste on the job.
  • Eliminate on-site labor of cutting and fitting of roof members and ceiling joists.
  • Spacing of trusses can be increased from 16" to 24" in most cases.

3. Material savings:

  • Eliminate interior bearing partitions since trusses are self-supporting.
  • Eliminate double top plate on interior partition walls.
  • Eliminate double floor joists under interior bearting partitions.
  • Eliminate interior footings on single level slab construction.
  • Cut down on the size of floor support beams.

4. Labor savings:

  • Flooring can be laid over entire floor area. Clear span eliminates cutting and fitting of flooring.
  • Dry-wall can be applied to all exterior walls and ceilings before interior partitions are installed.
  • Cut down on the job cleaning of scraps, cuttings and waste.

5. Added home features:

  • Gain greater room flexibility. Interior partitions are placed for planned layout and not limited by bearin partitions.
  • Better built homes with engineered roof trusses. Designed for the house.
  • Even ceilings. No deflection of ceiling joists.
  • Roof rarely sags.

6. Industrial and commercial advantages:

  • All weather construction.
  • Lightweight- less deadload
  • No form work or curing time.
  • Easily erected.
  • Prefabricated- ready to use.
  • Permanent, non-shrinking.
  • Adaptable to architectural design.